Friday, September 22, 2006

Better Blogging - Useful Links

These links will be updated as I come across other useful blogs & links about sources and and tips for blogging better

List of Blog Networks
This site monitors and ranks over 80 major blog networks and top blogs

Blog Traffic Central
Tracking new advances in blog tools and blogging. Lots of practical tips too

Blogstarter Checklist>
This Squidoo Lens gives practical tips for beginning bloggers. Make your own free Squidoo Lens on any topic

Darren Rowse, an Aussie, professional blogger and co-founder of b5 media talks blogging - tips, trends and observations

List of Blog Directories
From Lee Odden at Online Marketing Blog

Successful Blogging
Some useful info and tips about blogging, the web, writing and life in general

How to Write Compelling Blog Posts
by B.L. Ochman
Writing blog posts and comments on blogs is actually very simple. The basic guidelines: keep your copy lively, factual, tight, clear, short and search engine optimized.

Here are basic blog style guidelines to follow:
Adopt a direct style. Declarative sentences are good. Web readers demand them.

Go to Marketing to read more. They also have a free newsletter.

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