Saturday, September 16, 2006

CMS Made Simple Made Really Simple

I'm using CMS Made Simple for two of my sites -

All Info About Tea & Coffee Lifestyle and
All Info About Unusual Travel.

Six Things I Like About CMS Made Simple

1. You can update from anywhere you have a connection. No FTP required.

2. Active and supportive forum. I don't pretend to understand a lot of it, but they're pretty patient with beginners

3. It's Open Source, free and collaborative

4. Smarty Tags (okay I don't know what they are, but they work and they're cool)- something to do with dynamic content

5. Web designers love it as clients can do their own updates

6. It can be used collaboratively by a group, with different user level permissions

My CMS Made Simple Wish List -
Disclaimer - Because of my luddite status, they may already have these things, and I just didn't notice....

1. More comprehensive Wiki... as instructions are pretty scant and a lot of assumptions made of prior knowledge... not good for born again luddites

2. More ways to add dynamic content

3. Not too keen on the news feature as you end up with the same info on 2 pages

4. I'd like to be able to write articles previously and have them "released" on a specific date. Can this be done?

5. More templates and a theme changer (like Blogger)

Granny Bytes Verdict on CMS Made Simple
1. If you are tech savvy you can do wonders and impress yourself and your clients
2. If you can do word processing you can use CMS Made Simple

Granny Bytes Advice for Fellow Born Again Luddites
1. Try it and ask lots of questions. Try it some more
2. If you still need help, pay someone from the forum to set it up or tweak it for you
3. Know what you want to achieve with your website before you start
4. Buy in plenty of beer, chocolates or whatever it is that keeps you going... it's a long haul

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