Saturday, September 23, 2006

Site Layouts I Like

All Horror Movies
Not too keen on horror movies, but the site layout is clean and well thought out

Ask A New Yorker
Sassy clearly defined sections with a video component. Good use of dynamic scripts for rotating text and images

Cairns Dining
Restaurant directory with tourism links and a newsletter
Easy to navigate site. Instantly appealing

Christian Women Today
A bit busy, but provides lots of entry points and choices

Chubby Hubby
Gourmet food blog with clean lines and gorgeous photos
Site covers various categories. In the cookbook section an item review is followed by interactive reader comments, ratings and affiliate ads

Diverse Travel Australia
Very professional. Has audio component

Expert Village
Clear categories and a video component

Informative, easy to navigate site from one of Sydney's most popular bookstores

The Imperfect Parent - Home page
The Imperfect Parent - A site page
Photos cue each article. Random quote at bottom of page
A TV Network site which is a bit busy but has clearly defined categories

My San Antonio
Good community portal site


Rat Lab
Rat Lab is a fun science site run by a young scientist. Get over there and donate to keep this non profit site alive. Great use of colour, consistent layout and fun category icons

Symphony Graphics
Clean, simple an elegant. The owner is a web designer, artist & photographer

Web Design From Scratch
Each category on the menu has an icon which is also the header for corresponding site pages - looks professional, consistent, cohesive and easy to follow

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