Saturday, September 16, 2006

Clusty - A Cluster Search Engine

clusty search engine logo Some search engines such as Clusty, group results in clusters, so you can further refine the search.

Clusty Search by Topic
My search term:
search engine
Search Results: over 487 million general results

On the left of the Clusty screen, some key results are sorted into clickable categories.

In this case -

⇨Optimization (53)
⇨Google (16)
⇨Search Engine Marketing (19)
⇨Microsoft (13)
⇨Blog (9)
⇨Images (9)
⇨Category (9)
⇨Watch (5)
⇨Major (7)
⇨Program (4)

You can then click on the general search results or on one of the categories.

Clusty Search by Sources
You can also search by sources. The left category results for my "search engine" search were -

⇨Ask (86)
⇨Gigablast (18)
⇨MSN (84)
⇨NY Times (6)
⇨Open Directory (50)
⇨Sponsored Listings (4)
⇨Wikipedia (10)
⇨Wisenut (30)

The general search results also differ from the original topic search.

Clusty Search by URL Extension

All Results (263)
⇨com (219)
⇨org (24)
⇨ (11)
⇨net (6)
⇨us (2)
⇨ Other

Granny Bytes Verdict
Useful for refining searches or for brainstorming related ideas in the planning stage of a project or research on any topic.

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