Saturday, September 16, 2006

CMS Made Simple - Free Templates

I'm a big fan of Content Management Systems (CMS) and in particular, CMS Made Simple. Thanks Ted, Elijah and the gang. :) I'm also a big fan of Open Source, so when the two worlds come together with open source templates ported to CMS Made Simple, you've got my attention.

I'm not advanced (or game) enough to actually try them, but like the kid in the lolly shop... I still had to have them... the links... that is... so I can go window shopping... look but don't touch...

Thumbs Up:
The CMS Made Simple Site has a small but growing range of free templates - all open source and ported to CMSMS. Tech savvy people can add their own, so keep checking back for additions.

Thumbs Down:
As a beginner and born again luddite, I wish they were all viewable (only some are) as something bigger than a screenshot. Id like to see if I like the look of it first, before I decide whether or not to download it.

More Free CMS Made Simple Templates
Mark has done a great job porting open source templates to CMS Made Simple. View them on his site with a cool theme changer.
I can't find any instructions on how to download these from this site, though. Anyone?

Mark also has a template for CMSMS of the popular andreas04. As the original andreas04 is open source, I guess the CMSMS version is open source too.

Help...What Do I Do Now?
Okay, I found the holy grail of free CMSMS templates, but what on earth do I do next? I have no idea. Ah... a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the links to that chaps site.. i couldnt find any themes apart from the CMSMS ones on their site!

solomonk said...

you can download templates on by selecting galleries->template gallery from the menu and then navigating to the appropriate one

mark said...

a lot of my templates are now in the theme site for CMS Made Simple.
But any of them can be dowloaded if you ask me for them.
They can be used for any type of web site but I would have to give you flat files.

Anonymous said...

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